Call to participate in BIO4ever

CNR-IVALSA has recently started the new project (BIO4ever) and are searching for potential collaborations.

They are planning to investigate the performance of the novel bio-based building materials used for building envelopes. Special attention will be focused on products coupling different materials and those subjected to bulk and/or surface treatments. The set of selected bio-based materials will include:

  • Thermally modified wood with varying treatment technologies (steam, vacuum, oil)
  • Bio-based panels
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Chemically modified wood (acetylated, furfurylated)
  • Tannin/silane/silicone/biocides-impregnated wood
  • Wood coated with innovative coatings (including nano-products)
  • Other alternative bio-products that might be used for building facades. 

Investigated bio-materials will be characterized before and during degradation by biotic and a-biotic agents. Additionally the optimal solution from environmental point of view for disposal of each of investigated bio-materials will be provided. The experimental data obtained will be used for development of the numerical models simulating the material deterioration in a function of time and exposition. As an output the software dedicated for investors, architects, construction engineers, professional builders, suppliers and final customers, simulating bio-materials performance, degradation and end-of-life in severe operating environments will be developed.


They can offer to you detailed, multi-level characterization of your materials (for freeJ). If you are interested to contribute/collaborate please contact Anna Sandak for more details.



Anna Sandak


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